Welcome to the FREEDOM UNION!

Welcome to the hub for all of those who have lost their jobs or likely to do so due to government vaccine mandates or have suffered from the effects of lockdowns. This organisation has been set up as a place to register your details from which we may launch a class action against the government or employers. It may also be used to renegotiate employment terms should employers need to re-engage staff as they realise they can not operate after mass layoffs due to the government no jab mandates. We need experienced union negotiators, lawyers and administrators getting behind this. Get in touch with us via admin@freedomunion.co.nz,  if you have skills in one of these area and/or want to help in some other way.

As vaccine mandates are changing the whole field of employment we are unsure of where this is going, but importantly a register of those that have lost their job is very crucial to future options, so please sign up.

We are also busy developing a set of rules and are in the process of setting up our ‘Freedom Union’ as an incorporated society. We also need some funds to help pay those set up costs so if you feel like donating then that would be very welcome and the details will be in the signup form.

The Freedom Union is headed up by Mike Devine a very competent and experienced manager. Mike will be announcing new and exciting initiatives for the Union shortly.


The board of management is:

Alan Simmons.

Sue Grey. Legal advisor

Mike Devine. CEO.

Patrica Copp. H&S Advisor and member of operation Stingray.